Uke’n it up!

1 07 2010

cover of For No One on Uke..


Finding tings at the Dump..

13 06 2010

My flatmate and I went to take the newspapers out to the main dump (only because they don’t have a closer bin for paper). There we found heaps of still usable stuff. We snagged ourselves a new chopping board, an old disco ball, which we removed the mirrors from and made a Vegan sign with, and I found a bike. I’m going to splice the parts from the dump bike with the bike my friend gave me to make a less than average, but still rideable bike! woot!
With all of the bike accidents I have been in while here in Germany, one might think I should just take the bus from now on, but No. It is the nicest weather I’ve seen here in Germany yet, and I want to be able to ride my bike in the fresh open air, and feel the sun on my face!! (rather than sit in a stuffy and smelly bus, and feel the rough upholstery fibers on my legs)

Well I have stared a countdown for several things now,
1. The Papers-I-Need-To-Write Countdown : 9
2. The Weeks Left in the Semester: 4.6
3. Time Left in Germany: 47 days 17 hours
4. Days to Christmas!! : 194

Now, I must go and make the countdown of papers 8..

Numero Uno!

29 04 2010

Welp. I’ve decided to start a blog.
Hope you’re ready (whoever you are!) for all sorts of Leah blogginess!
I’m not even quite sure what this blog will end up like, most likely a bunch of exclamations, and smileys, but here goes nothing!!!! 😛

The Summer semester is finally off and running here in Heidelberg! Already 3 weeks in, and 12 to go!
It feels a bit odd to be starting the semester so late, but I guess thats how they do it here in Germany.
I can not believe how fast the time has been flying, really! Seems like I saw the Pixies was just last month, rather than all the way back in October! April has zoomed by the fastest.. i stopped drinking for April.. i would have made it if April only had 24 days.. That German beer is just too tasty! (and I cant skip those Family bdays in April either)
Speaking of which, I missed my dog Zero’s birthday on the 18th!! Happy Belated to the poor pinky-stinker-stein.!!

This month, I’ve been reading comics! I’ve devoured about 40 issues of The Walking Dead, and just started Ignition City! This inspired me to start drawing a comic of my own.. about, well, the story’s not so developed, but it does include a vegan (might just slightly resemble me), the worlds smartest chicken, and a schizophrenic poet.
If i ever finish the first Issue, i will put that mess on here!

Also, I have been trying to learn some new songs on the ol’ Ukulele! I always try to learn songs that end up sounding like shit on ukulele.. the biggest flop was D.A.N.C.E. on Ukulele.. I just can’t get it to sound right!
Maybe that one should be left to french synth..
The best cover this month has been Holiday Song! its simple and I get to wail!

Oh yea, scored some free ice cream yesterday! After my big Spring Cleaning, I got the biggest hunkering for some ice cream.. i mean some SOY Cream! i rode to the nearest market which was closing in 5 min, luckily, they let me in and they actually had soycream! and then.. My bank card wouldn’t work!.. I was so sad, but then the lady behind me said she would buy it for me! I thought I wasn’t understanding her right, but she said it again, said it was a gift! I freaking love that lady! I just thought “Dude, this would NEVER freaking happen in California!” haha It was seriously the best thing i had had in a while.

Til next blog.. Tschüs!